White House: The government is aware of the lengthy delays in India, where the wait period has reached 1,000 days, for US Visa appointments:

As the stand by time visa arrangements in India approaches 1000 days, the White House on 8 December said that the Biden Organization knows about the long postponements and is attempting to answer the huge interest of these visa administrations. We can say that the Biden organization knows about the issues, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told columnists at her day to day news she was answering an inquiry on the horrifying long visa arrangement period at the US missions in India, which at present runs into over 1,000 days.

As of now, the sit tight time for Interview Required Guests (B1/B2) is 999 days as indicated by Movement. State official site. While we have taken extraordinary steps, as you most likely are aware, on the grounds that you cover this intently, in recuperating from the pandemic related terminations and staffing difficulties, we are as yet attempting to answer the critical interest of these visa administrations, jean-Pierre said.

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We are effectively bringing down visa interview stand by times, that is all over the planet, and we’ve multiplied our recruiting of US Unfamiliar Help staff to accomplish this significant work. Visa handling is recuperating quicker than anticipated, and this year we hope to arrive at pre-pandemic handling level.

Early this week, an official commission prescribed President Joe Biden to consider giving an update to the State Division to lessen the visa arrangement stand by times to a limit of two to about a month for nations like India with huge overabundances.

Non-foreigner visa, guest visa (B1/B2), understudy visa (F1/F2), and brief specialist visa (H, L, O, P, Q) meetings with consulates in unambiguous Asian nations and Pacific Islands, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, and different nations, have exceptionally lengthy accumulations.

On account of India, it is has approached 1,000 days bringing about difficulty to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) families inside the US and abroad, as well as significant interruptions for understudies, organizations, and guests.
Talking about different nations, the hang tight time for Interview Required Guests (B1/B2) in Beijing is 2 days though in Shanghai it is 30 days.

The visa arrangement stand by time in Karachi, Pakistan is 381 days. The stand by time in Dhaka is 294 days.

During its gathering this week, the President’s Warning Bonus on Asian Americans, Local Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders, made a bunch of suggestions to the White House to lessen the developing postpone in visa arrangement times in US consulates universally particularly in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and different nations. Moved by famous Indian American people group pioneer Ajay Jain Bhaturia, the official commission suggested that Biden ought to consider giving a notice to the State Division to diminish the visa arrangement stand by times to 2 a month greatest for nations with critical excesses, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and different nations in comparable circumsBhaturi.

It suggested that the State Division ought to make all vital strides to accelerate the visa handling in government offices abroad and diminish the visa arrangement stand by times to 2 a month most extreme for India and other affected consulates.

The State Division ought to take into account virtual meetings where pertinent and permit staff from government offices all over the planet and US consular staff to assist with leading virtual meetings to decrease high accumulations, it suggested.

The Commission likewise suggested that the State Division ought to enlist new full-time officials, transitory staff, workers for hire, or carry back resigned consular officials to clear the excess at important consulates in Asia which have stand by seasons of north of a month, focusing on those with multi day stand by times, and lessen the stand by time to two a month by clearing the visa arrangement build-up.

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