What do you know about Seamless Search and What are the Services available?

Large numbers of the world’s most imaginative and effective associations trust us to assist with giving them information to enlist top ability quickly. You ought to believe in your employing cycle. Choosing a foundation screening organization isn’t direct. There is a wide assortment of sellers on the lookout, each professing to be precisely the exact thing you’re searching for.

As a business, it assists with understanding which isolates screening suppliers. What makes a supplier brilliant? At seamlesssearch.net, we accept amazing supplier who pays attention to their clients. An incredible supplier has a rigid quality confirmation process. A magnificent supplier is continually mindful that competitors are genuine individuals whose prospects rely upon our outcomes.

Online Applications Made Simple!

QuickApp is our safe, self-configurable internet-based application global positioning framework! Candidates can finish their business applications on any gadget. The application can be surveyed and a record verification demand presented across the board framework. Employing directors can use the choice apparatuses to follow recruiting choices. No more paper is required.
A full set-up of screening choices like lawbreaker, schooling, past work, occupant, understudy, volunteer, driving, and some more.

  • Express farewell to reordering
  • Accumulate and store divulgences on the web
  • Marked with your organization’s logo, varieties, and space
  • Admittance to our Report Decision Tools
  • Exceptionally configurable applications
  • Upholds any kind of work process

Why Seamless Search?

Building an extraordinary group begins with a confided-in accomplice that conveys the most straightforward and start-to-finish pre-business historical verification work process in the business.

Robotized Workflows – Seamless Search makes you stride by step through a consistent paperless work process. Easy To Understand – Our investigations are straightforward, clear, and simple to survey. Effortless Results – Advanced information designing, quality confirmation, and industry-driving information sources convey dependable outcomes with a question pace of <0.1%

Record verifications are Not Created Equal

What are work criminal historical verifications, and how does crime affect personal investigations for managers? Getting a total image of an up-and-comer’s criminal history is much of the time surprisingly perplexing. At Seamless Search, we make it simple for you to make precise, productive, and educated employing choices through a mix of vigorous arrangements, assets, and innovation.

Driving Records

Organizations are regularly responsible for workers when they drive for business purposes. Indeed, even a solitary representative-caused mishap could build your protection rates or result in a suit and harm to your standing. To pursue more educated choices while recruiting business drivers, managers ought to audit all appropriate information before employment.

The Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) expects businesses to get and survey an engine vehicle record from each state where a business driver has held a permit during the past three years.

Likewise, businesses should run a pursuit at regular intervals. Our consistent driving records give businesses the answer to meet these necessities rapidly and productively. Our Seamless Search framework permits all-day, every-day admittance to our strong item offering, including permit approvals and extensive mishap history announcing.

Why Drug Test?

Whether you are expected to test or decide to test, it is a fundamental piece of screening. Most working environments choose to attempt to relieve risk and advance a more secure working environment. Consistent Search offers a medication testing program for each industry, from our skillfully evolved Department of Transportation (DOT) Program to our Line Builder Program, to our client-explicit adaptable arrangement.

Everything begins with the assortment site, so we did too. We are hanging around for you with 23,000+ in-network areas, confirmed lab accomplices, and in-house guaranteed clinical audit officials.

Recruiting Remotely?

Consistent Search permits you to flawlessly plan your organization’s boundaries in view ofgivenations, cost, and satisfactory distance. Our facility scorecard will empower us to screen all our medication testing centers to guarantee appropriate cycles are followed and briefly eliminate facilities that don’t fulfill our severe quality guidelines.

With our Electronic Chain of Custody Form process, we have better admittance to support our clients in any area. Our technique works on your competitors’ insight and diminishes your time from the deal begins!

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