The top ten private healthcare providers in the United Kingdom

The UK health insurance industry’s landscape is constantly changing as providers innovate to meet customer demand – but also, at times, they remove features.

With hundreds of different plans and providers on the market, it can be challenging to research the primary offerings of all insurers. Though many other market comparison sites are available online but most only allow you to easily search for the various providers after filling out all of the necessary information for a quote.

According to the Association of British Insurers, in 2016 there were 340 private healthcare insurers in the UK and 563 in Europe. Those figures will almost certainly be exponentially higher in 2023.

This article will look at 10 of the top UK healthcare insurance companies. Each section will include an overview of the organisation, a description of the scope of its primary offerings, and some additional details about its awards and achievements.


largest provider globally is the German multinational insurance business Allianz. Their plans focus on providing international medical insurance offered in the UK and many other countries worldwide.

These plans may include the following:

●Daytime and in-patient coverage.
●Optional coverage for outpatients.
●Urgent medical care.
●Evacuations for medical reasons.
●Services for traveller security.

In the Colorado Convention Centre in 2021, Allianz was recognised for outstanding customer service by winning the category, The Geo Awards: Best Plan Communication.


A global provider of insurance with headquarters in London is Aviva. Providing insurance products to approximately 33 million clients globally, mainly in the European and Asian markets.

●Their plans offer the following coverages:
●Cover for outpatients.
●Acute ailments.
●In the UK, access to hundreds of hospitals.
●Coverage for cancer.
●Doctor’s fees and hospital costs.

Since 2016, Aviva and the British Red Cross have collaborated in an honourable collaboration. This non-profit partnership mainly entails offering disaster relief support and strategic advice and knowledge.


One of the largest healthcare insurers in the UK is AXA, a French international insurance firm. They primarily conduct business in North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

●Their primary cover includes:
●Complete in-patient and day-patient coverage.
●Access to more than 250 hospitals.
●Service for Quick Track Appointments.
●Availability of speciality cancer medications.
●Unlimited doctor visits are conducted over the phone or online.

The Health Tech & You Awards were established by AXA in 2014 to honour the numerous accomplishments and innovations occurring annually in the health sector. The 2018 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards recognised it as the year’s top health insurance provider.


Bupa is a UK-based healthcare and insurance provider with approximately 80,000 staff members and 31 million clients worldwide. They offer numerous health insurance alternatives with products like Bupa Global and are experts in providing help and insurance for mental health disorders.

Their primary medical coverage consists of the following:

●Cover for day patients and in-patients.
●Therapies for mental wellness.
●After six months, private dental care.
●Specialised cancer care.
●Physiotherapy and other private treatments.

BUPA has won some of the most significant honours in the field, including Health Insurance and Protection Awards (2019), Best Coronavirus Response by a Provider (2020), and Best Individual International Healthcare Provider (2020).


The Exeter is a healthcare insurance provider with offices in Devon, South West England, and is set up more like a friendly society than a typical business. A mutual insurance association is referred to by this name.

Exeter’s primary health insurance offering, Health+, includes the following:

●Treatment for day patients and in-patients.
●Perpetual cancer coverage.
●NHS cash assistance.
●Nursing at home.
●Arrangements with parents.

Exeter’s insurance products have won several awards, ranging from The Best Income Protection Provider (2022) to The Best Health & Wellness Offering (2022).


Freedom, a well-regarded private health insurance provider in the UK, was established in 2003. They are experts in offering flexible and economical health insurance.

There are three main insurance options, each providing differing protection levels. They include Freedom Global, Freedom Elite, and Freedom Essentials.

Freedom Elite includes:

●Covers both day patients and in-patients.
●Complications during pregnancy.
●NHS cash assistance.
●CT, PET, and MRI scans.
●Dental procedure.

Additionally, Freedom provides clients with a 06% discount for annual payments on all plans and a 02-year fixed premium policy to guarantee that the cost of coverage won’t rise.

General & Medical

An entirely owned subsidiary of the General & Medical Securities Group, General & Medical Insurance is a health insurer in the United Kingdom. Customers worldwide can purchase various healthcare insurance policies from them for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

Their strategic plans may include the following:

●Patient coverage.
●Cancer therapies.
●Services for wellness and health.
●A hotline for stress.
●NHS cash assistance.

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland favours the healthcare insurance company General & Medical.


Saga is a Kent-based insurance company that serves more than 02.7 million clients. Although they provide various travel insurance options, their products primarily target the over-50s health insurance market.

Their cover’s primary features are as follows:

●Daytime and in-patient coverage.
●Saga GP Service, which gives you access to doctors 24/7.
●Access to a network of personal medical centres.
●The benefit of external prostheses.
●Cancer Care Team assistance.

Also, they are the founders and owners of Saga Magazine, a popular UK monthly membership magazine.


With offices in Bournemouth and Stockport, Vitality is a private healthcare insurance company headquartered in London. They are a division of the financial services company Discovery Ltd, based in South Africa.

●Their standard health insurance includes:
●Day-patient and in-patient coverage.
●Stays at private hospitals.
●Mental health assistance.
●Vitality Care offers medical professionals advice.
●Access to Vitality GP’s 24/7 helpline and online doctor consultations.

During its history, Vitality has earned numerous industry honours, including The British Insurance Award 2020 and Customer Cover Awards 2019, demonstrating its excellence as one of the top private healthcare providers in the UK.


Saga is a Kent-based insurance company that serves more than 02.7 million clients. Although they provide various travel insurance options, their products primarily target the over-50s health insurance market.

The WPA’s health insurance programme covers the following:

●Daytime and in-patient coverage.
●NHS hospital financial aid.
●24/7 private GP helpline accessibility.
●Program for Employee Assistance.
●Private ambulance service.

Over the past ten years, WPA has settled claims for a total of £0.8 billion while keeping an excellent average Trustpilot customer service rating of 04.7 out of 05.
In addition, they have been awarded numerous awards like Cover Excellence Awards 2022, 2021 and Health & Protection Awards 2022.

Hence, speaking to a private healthcare insurance specialist or broker would be wise if you seek health insurance. They can advise you on the best private health facilities and health insurance plan to suit your needs.

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