How To Choose Ozone Generator?

How To Choose Ozone Generator?

How To Choose Ozone Generator? – Ozone is a gas, as you are probably aware. As opposed to oxygen in the atmosphere that gives the planet (O2), ozone molecules consist of three oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone is powerful because it contains an additional oxygen atom that can easily escape and attach to other substances.

When inhaled, this highly reactive quality may alter the chemical composition of some importance in the air and potentially cause damage to our cells.

The word “ozone” is often associated with the ozone layer, which safeguards all life from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The stratospheric ozone that is present is the “good” ozone. Nevertheless, ozone at ground level is regarded as a toxic air pollutant by the EPA and is hazardous to human health.

In nature, ozone is produced by sunlight interacting with chemicals released into the environment, such as vehicles and industrial plants. Additionally, ozone is created when lightning strikes, which is why you may detect its smell after a storm. Whether it is pure ozone or a mixture of other chemicals, ozone can be harmful.

Types of Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are not all suitable for all applications. Some are powered by ultraviolet energy, while others use plasma or oxygen molecules to generate ozone. Ozone can even be used for water treatment. Even though each of these methods can create ozone, one may be better for your intended use than the others.


Ultraviolet ozone generators are the least expensive and inefficient type in terms of cost and efficiency. Using UV light to split oxygen molecules, ultraviolet ozone generators produce ozone. Compared to other units, these require more time and energy to generate a relatively small amount of ozone.

Due to their small size, these items are not suitable for larger spaces. However, they are good for smaller offices, bedrooms, and hotel rooms.

Corona Discharge

While Corona discharge ozone generators are unfortunate, they are surprisingly efficient. They work similarly to lightning, which uses a current of electricity to split oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. As a result of the corona discharge, an electric field is created on the surface of the generator that splits the oxygen molecules in the room into single atoms, which immediately recombine to form ozone gas.

Corona discharge ozone generators are efficient and powerful, making them suitable for large environments. However, it produces a substantial amount of heat because generating a powerful electric current requires much energy.

Cold Plasma

Corona discharge and ultraviolet are ozone generators that use electrical currents and UV rays. In contrast, this type of ozone generator uses cold plasma generated by two adjacent neon tubes enclosed in a sealed chamber. Electrodes are used to electrify the section, creating a field between the two tubes.

The electric field created by this device splits the oxygen atoms, which then recombine to produce ozone. A cold plasma generator produces about the same amount of ozone gas as a corona discharge generator but has very little heat. Despite this, these units are bulky and significantly more expensive than other ozone generators on the market.


An ozone generator of this type is used for water treatment. Ozone is produced by splitting oxygen molecules in water, done in an ozone generator. The ozone water treatment does not leave any harmful residue, unlike chemical treatments, which remain in the water.

Tips To Choose Ozone Generator

Sizes and weights

Ozone generators are generally small, except for large machines used in industrial settings. These devices weigh less than 7 pounds (some as little as 7 ounces) and range in size from approximately the size of a wallet to a toaster.

They are compact and suitable for use in most rooms and can even be incorporated into smaller environments such as vehicle interiors.

Ozone generators are lightweight, portable, and easy to move from room to room due to their small profile. Some people carry them when they travel, mainly if they are on a business trip and are staying in an unpleasantly smelling hotel room.


Ozone generators typically feature a variety of features that make them safer and more convenient to operate.  The ozone generator should come equipped with an output control and a fan for distributing the ozone gas throughout the space.

The generator should also be equipped with a timer that allows you to control when it turns on and off. Remote controls may be provided for some generators, which will enable the user to operate the machine from a distance. An ozone generator with multiple functions has filters to remove dust and allergens from the air.


The portable ozone generator is convenient for use at home or on the road. Several of these small devices weigh less than 7 ounces, while others are about the size of a smartphone. Their compact design, ergonomic handle, and plug-in capability make them convenient to use. It is easy to move portable generators to different rooms in your house or to hotels.

Ozone Production

Milligrams per hour (mg/hr) are the ozone output unit of measurement. The higher the output, the larger the generator can treat the area. Some industrial-sized ozone generators can pump out 12,000 mg of ozone per hour, while a quality generator will produce at least 350 mg per hour.

Generators with a lower output are appropriate for offices, small rooms, and similar areas. The size and power of generators required for commercial settings, such as hotel lobbies, are considerably larger. You can also utilize larger-output generators in a smaller area to shock the region for a short period, enabling an entire room to be sanitized in less than an hour.

Ensure safety

In the same way as other appliances, ozone generators are subject to serious health risks if they are misused. Pollutants such as ozone gas are harmful to your health. Symptoms of exposure to ozone may include chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. Additionally, ozone may exacerbate respiratory conditions such as asthma and pneumonia.

Ozone generators pose serious health risks, which is why they must be operated when no one is around, including pets. An ozone generator has a timer to be programmed to turn on and off at predetermined times. This way, you do not need to reenter your space to turn it off manually.

It is essential to wait until the ozone has dissipated before entering a space after an ozone generator has completed its cycle. In most cases, this requires about an hour.

Performing maintenance

It is necessary to clean the ozone plates of an ozone generator periodically to maintain its effectiveness. Most ozone generators are designed to remove the plate or plates inside the machine easily. In addition to ensuring the generator performs at its best, you will also enhance its lifespan by regularly cleaning the generator’s leaves.

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