How To Choose Golf Clubs?

How To Choose Golf Clubs?- Choosing the right golf clubs is key to your performance, whether you are a beginner or planning your next golf trip. When you use the right golf clubs, you can play on the course differently and reduce your handicap a lot.

What are the best golf clubs to buy? When you pick out your golf clubs, do you know what to look for? No matter your ability, buying just one club or a complete set can be confusing due to the sheer volume of choices. Below are a few tips that will help you make an intelligent choice when choosing your golf clubs.

Tips To Choose Golf Clubs

Length of the club

The length of the kid’s golf club is the most crucial factor to consider. It is essential for developing a proper swing and learning the basics of the game. Kids clubs nowadays are sized according to the height of the player. This results in solid contact due to the correct length and lie angles.

Weight of a club

Second, you need to consider the club’s weight when picking out clubs for your kids. The lighter the clubhead, the more significant the speed and distance, the better the balance, and the easier it is for Kids to swing naturally.

Some companies, like US Kids Golf, offer two different weight categories, UltraLight and Tour Series. These are a bit heavier, designed for more advanced Junior golfers. We recommend starting kids with LIGHT clubs and progressing to more severe clubs when skill levels increase.

Get fitted for your size.

We’re all different sizes and shapes, and we all swing differently – which is why golf clubs must be custom fitted. Spending a lot of money on clubs means getting them dialed in for your game, so it makes sense to do that.

Custom fittings include finding out your launch angle, club and ball speed, angle of attack, and much more, including finding out what shafts are suitable, which are the club’s engines.

The thickness of the grip

Your swing is affected dramatically by the thickness of your grip. If a golfer’s grip is too thin, it can lead to large hand movements during the swing. However, having a grip that is too thick will limit your hands and have an equally devastating impact.


If you’re a beginner, likely, you will not want to spend a lot of money, especially if you are not sure you will stick with the game or play often enough to justify the expense.

Beginner sets are available for as little as £150, or, as mentioned, get a half set to get started. In the meantime, check out our guides on the best golf club sets for beginners, the best golf club sets for women, and the best golf club sets for men.

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