How To Block Someone On PayPal?

How To Block Someone On PayPal? – PayPal is leading the most trusted and popular online platform for money transfers. It permits users to receive and send payments across the globe to other PayPal users. This platform offers powerful security measures to prevent scams and fraud.

Do you query if it is possible to block someone on PayPal and if so then How to block someone on PayPal?Although it’s one of the most trustworthy platforms to make money transactions between people.

There is no difficult and fast rule that everyone on this platform is genuine. So there may come a situation where you no longer desire to receive payments or money requests from someone.

How To Block Someone On PayPal app?

1. Open the PayPal app, then tap $ Payments, then click Pay.

2. Under “Your contacts,” find the person you desire to block and tap the three dots next to their name.

3. Click Block (person’s name).

4. Click Block to confirm.

5. Once you block someone on PayPal, they’ll no longer be allowed to send you money, message you, or find you in the PayPal directory.

How To Block Someone On PayPal Website?

1. Open the PayPal website, then Go to your Contacts.

2. Select the name of the person you want to block.

3. Click Block this contact.

4. Click Block to confirm.

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