Evolution Media Music Review

Evolution Media Music (EMM) is a music label created in 2006 by David Kreizman and Jay Faires, two industry veterans. The goal of EMM was to establish an artist-friendly workplace where creative cooperation was the norm. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and the Jonas Brothers are among the artists that have signed with the organization since its inception. EMM has also produced several well-known artists.

What Services Does Evolution Media Music Provide?

Evolution Media Music is an online music label that provides musicians with a new and inventive means to distribute their work. Distribution, marketing, and promotion are among the services they provide.

They have a staff of professionals committed to assisting artists in their pursuit of success. Evolution Media Music is dedicated to assisting musicians in reaching new audiences and expanding their fan base. They have a successful track record and are committed to giving the most satisfactory service possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to deliver my music?

Please provide your music as a shared cloud storage link (Dropbox or Box.com, for example) in a high-quality audio format for submissions and changes. Please, no file attachments. We use 48KHz 24bit waves for final delivery. Your tunes will need to be sent in 60, 30, sting, and underscore formats.

What exactly is a license?

When production firms, filmmakers, marketers, and others wish to use a production music track in a radio or television program, film, advertisement, or another project, they must first get a license. The cost of a license varies based on the kind of use – from a single internet client to a global advertising campaign. On the rate card, you can see all the costs and how they are broken down.

Do the contracts include an exclusive or non-exclusive clause?

We are exclusive on a track-by-track basis. Please don’t submit a track that you’ve already released elsewhere, and don’t utilize a tune that has been signed and published with us.

Composers are permitted to collaborate on other projects with other labels and libraries, but the works released by Evolution must be done solely for Evolution.

Will you notify me after my music has been licensed?

It’s impossible to keep track of every piece of music you listen to. We do watch the UK and European television networks. We will do our best to notify the composer if we see a notable placement, as any significant sync will be promoted on our music usage’ page. The best method to tell whether your music has been licensed is when you get paid! Either immediately via our automated payments or through your PRS bill (see payment schedule).

Could you please explain my contract to me?

We can go through the major elements, but you should always obtain independent legal counsel if you have any questions.

What if I send in some music and don’t get a response?

We’ve all been rejected in this profession! Please don’t be discouraged by it. Due to time limits, we are unable to reply or provide personalized comments to rejected submissions; nonetheless, the following are some of the most frequent reasons we may choose not to produce a track:

We often hear musical concepts with a lot of promise. Still, the production will not achieve a commercially viable quality promptly – or vice versa: a terrific production with no brilliant ideas. Sometimes we adore a track’s melodic and auditory qualities, but it’s either too short or doesn’t fit well with the rest of the album’s songs.

It’s best to let it alone, figure out why it wasn’t approved, and don’t let it stop you from submitting music in the future.

Why have you had my track for so long, and it’s still not producing any money?

This might be due to a variety of factors. The first possibility, which neither of us wants to hear, is that it hasn’t been used yet. Being free does not mean that you will earn money, which may happen. Another explanation might be that it has been used, but the following PRS or MCPS distribution for the use period has yet to occur, or PRS is waiting for the client to provide the cue sheet to notify them of usage.

We employ a variety of ways to measure use, but they sometimes take a long time to appear. Production music is a marathon, not a sprint, and revenues may take longer to arrive. Please be patient, and be assured that Evolution and our worldwide sub-publishers are working hard to market your music.

If Evolution releases my music, where may I utilize it?

Everything is all over the place. We have distribution in Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, France, India, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries! Your tune might be utilized from a Mexican soap drama to a Singaporean game show. You name it: TV, film, advertisements, video games, idents, trailers, and promos.

I’m not sure how I’m going to earn money. Payments of royalties to authors are made in two ways. The first comes from having your music licensed (mechanical), and the second comes from having your music played or aired (performance). To get paid, you must be a member of a PRO (performance rights organization, such as PRS in the UK).

How will I be compensated?

Payment may be made in two ways. Directly from PRS (four distributions each year: April, July, October, and December) – and through our half-yearly mechanical distribution (March and September).

What is the difference between mechanical and performance earnings?

When a piece of music is performed publicly, a performance royalty is produced. This might be on the radio, in a television commercial, or anyplace else where people can hear it. Your PRO collects this money and sends it to you directly, so you must be a member of one to earn anything. When a piece of music or a license is sold, a mechanical royalty is created.

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