Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals

What Are Precious Metals?

A precious metal is a metal that is rare and has a high economic value, with numerous factors contributing to that, including its scarcity, use in industrial production, and role throughout history as a store of value. Investments in precious metals are most popular with gold, platinum, and silver.

9 Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals

1.  Metal Trader- Precious Metals Job

Metal traders are companies that deal professionally in precious metals, mainly gold, but also in less valuable metals, such as aluminium, silver, platinum, copper, palladium, etc., are still of interest to those seeking to save.

There could, however, be a mistaken understanding of what metal trading stores do with stores that buy gold, which are common among our cities and well-known. The precious metals trader, however, is governed by different and much stricter regulations than its counterparts.

Responsibilities Of Metal Trader-

  • When you are working as a Metal Trader for a commodities trading firm, you will need to create good relationships with the clients you will work with.
  • As a trader, you may be responsible for calculating traders’ mark-to-market value by updating OTC prices each day.
  • The job of a Metal Trader includes studying market reports, as with any other position in the trading field.
  • Paper transactions are undertaken in close partnership with other brokers and market makers by a Metal Trader.
  • As you complete trade reconciliation activities, you will process payments and weekly receipts, reconcile brokerage fees, and check and reconcile internal trade management systems.
  • It is also the responsibility of the Metal Trader to keep accurate records as well as to issue invoices, debit and credit notes as and when necessary.

2. Data Scientist- Precious Metals Job

As a career path for skilled professionals, data science is becoming increasingly in-demand. To be successful in this field now, data professionals need skills beyond traditional skills such as data mining, data analysis, and programming. Data scientists must be adept at mastering all stages of the data science life cycle in order to uncover useful intelligence that will benefit their organizations. Also, they must possess flexibility and understanding to maximize returns at each stage of the process.

Responsibilities Of Data Scientists

  • Automate the collection of valuable data sources
  • Organize unstructured and structured data for preprocessing
  • Analyze large amounts of information to identify trends and patterns
  • Develop machine-learning algorithms and predictive models
  • Ensemble modelling can be used to combine models
  • Visualize data to present information
  • Solving business challenges with solutions and strategies
  • Develop and implement engineering solutions with product development teams

3. Manufacturing Technician- Precious Metals Job

Technicians in the manufacturing industry make consumer products by hand-assembling components, applying finishing touches to components, and checking the quality of parts produced by machines. Their occupations range from manufacturing components for the aviation industry to utensils for the kitchen.

Responsibilities Of Manufacturing Technician:

  • Producing and assembling assigned products.
  • Checking each part or component’s functionality for quality.
  • Components are given a final touch.
  • Adapting machine and equipment settings to maximize production efficiency.
  • Reporting breakdowns and performing minor repairs promptly.
  • Maintaining logs of maintenance and a safe and clean working environment.
  • Write incident reports if necessary and update productivity records.
  • Employers are responsible for training new employees and supervising them.
  • Ensure production orders are completed on time by collaborating with other departments.
  • Comply with industry regulations and internal policies

4. Precious Metals Derivatives Trader- Precious Metals Job

As a derivatives trader for one or more products on our trading desk, you are responsible for owning, maintaining, and growing those revenue streams. This role requires you to manage risk and profit and loss, and to make instantaneous, informed decisions based on experience and knowledge. Working with the team leads, other traders, and risk managers, you will strive to continuously improve Valkyrie’s trading systems and operations. To ensure the strategy’s long-term viability and competitiveness, you will work towards making systemic improvements to the overall trading strategy.

Skills Required in Precious Metals Derivatives Trader

  • Trading derivatives for more than two years with responsibility for profits, losses, and risk management
  • Operating an electronic market-making software for two or more years
  • Managing and assessing derivatives risk effectively
  • An interest in financial markets and trading
  • Numerical and math skills are strong
  • Constantly striving for improvement
  • Innovation and creativity are at the core of our trading strategies and models
  • Solving problems with tenacity
  • Instinct for entrepreneurship
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Taking initiative
  • An advantage would be the ability to analyze data quantitatively
  • Candidates with advanced degrees are preferred

5. Production Polisher – Trainee- Precious Metals Job

In order to fulfill their responsibilities, many Polishers need to possess certain skills. After examining resumes, we found that these are the most common skills for this position. In many resumes, we found that computers, dexterity, and mechanical skills were listed..

Responsibilities Of Production Polisher – Trainee

Typical tasks performed by polishers can be seen here in examples from real polisher resumes.

  • Surface finish and grind stainless steel and aluminium parts.
  • Learn how to use CNC machines.
  • Using CNC milling machines and grinders.
  • Run the polishing machine on custom glass.
  • A pro edge machine is also used on polish granite countertops.
  • An aircraft engine powered by Polish aluminum turbines.
  • Examine metal products assembled by TIG welders for defects.

6. Analyst – Precious Metals Operations- Precious Metals Job

For quality and process control or to develop new products or knowledge, conduct qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses and experiments in laboratories.

Responsibilities Of Analyst – Precious Metals Operations

  • External nostros and physical depositories must be reconciled daily and monthly
  • Disagreements regarding positions, P&L, etc. are resolved.
  • Tracking and managing daily cash/metal flows
  • Rectify bank statements, match wires with invoices
  • Coordinate metal shipments by managing invoices
  • Refining & transport companies’ payments and allocation of invoices
  • Exchange figures with refineries on physical swaps
  • Requests for quotes from carriers and refineries
  • Developed a close relationship with the FO/BO globally through collaborating with various departments
  • Disagreements between customers, carriers, and refineries should be investigated and corrected
  • Whenever necessary, completes special projects
  • Maintains regular attendance and punctuality
  • As needed, other duties or responsibilities can be added to this list.

7. Data Content Researcher- Precious Metals Job

Managing stakeholders in multiple regions will be your responsibility. Make sure that data collection methodology is created, maintained and enhanced. Perform subject matter research and suggest sustainable solutions.

Responsibilities of Data Researcher

  • Developing, maintaining, and improving data collection methods in collaboration with content specialists
  • Research topic areas and develop intelligent solutions/methods
  • Data Collection and Client queries must be resolved on time
  • Create, maintain, and improve client-facing Data Collection Methodologies
  • Be a leader in proposing new methodologies and processes that will benefit our clients and internal teams
  • Identify best practices for data collection with the data collection team
  • Organize and conduct training sessions related to data collection methodology
  • Contributing to automate/simplify the data collection processes, as well as participating in automation/process simplification efforts
  • Monitors and analyzes query from operations and clients using JIRA dashboards

8. Area Manager- Precious Metals Job

The general term will optimize your job title to show up in a general search for jobs of a similar nature based on a broad definition. Any special requirements will further optimize your job title. It is important to indicate the level of responsibility and prior knowledge required in the working title in order to attract the best applicants. If your job is specialized, make sure you include that in the job title as well. Make sure that your job posting is clearly titled and that there are no abbreviations or acronyms.

Responsibilities of Area Manager

There are several important sections to the job description including responsibilities and duties, how the job fits within the organization, and the name of the manager this person reports.

  • Customer service standards should be raised.
  • Ensure staff development and training.
  • Maintain regular communication with clients.
  • The quality of services should be consistent across the region.
  • Achieve maximum profitability and sales within the region.
  • Each location should have a sales target.

9. Head Of Corporate Affairs- Precious Metals Job

Communication within the company and outside of it is paramount to the corporate affairs manager’s job. A corporate affairs manager has a distinctive position as a spokesperson and administrator across the entire spectrum of corporate communication, working closely with government relations, public affairs and internal stakeholders.

Responsibilities of Head Of Corporate Affairs 

  • Develop, motivate, and appraise the members of own team, as well as hire consultants when necessary, and develop methods and procedures to meet budgets and HR policies.
  • Ensure that SNV’s external communications strategy is developed, planned, reviewed, and executed to position SNV as a trusted business partner and to grow SNV’s revenue.
  • Establishes and monitors service levels of the global communication staff to the entire organization. Ensures consistency and correct usage of messaging by all SNV employees.
  • Establish a systematic process for the decision-making process of corporate boards of directors, and ensure fair staff participation in these processes. Communicate decisions and follow-up actions to SNV’s Extended Management Team (heads of units, country directors, and related units). Planning narratives and reporting is coordinated by the head of finance.
  • Assure basic internal trainings are provided and the intranet is maintained as a central repository of information.
  • In any of the countries in which SNV operates, provide legal advice to the Managing Board and Country Directors on corporate legal issues, including tax and registration issues.
  • Be the “owner” of the SNV Policy House, ensuring that all policies and procedures are consistent, integrated, and coherent. The responsibility for maintaining and communicating policy coherence lies with Corporate Affairs, while individual policies are owned and accountable by the relevant global heads.
  • Manage the internal audit function to ensure the effective operation of organizational processes, such as governance, policy, and internal control.
  • Ensure corporate compliance processes, and assessments that are requested by external parties, are carried out in a timely fashion.

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