Best Paying Jobs In Fluid Control

What Is Fluid Control?

Fluid Controls provides its customers with a complete range of instrumentation erection hardware, including instrumentation fittings, valves, manifolds, air headers, DIN pipe clamps, SAE flanges, and condensate pots. Products include prefabricated instrument hookups, needle valves for high-pressure applications, gas valves for turbines, block & bleed valves, and clean fittings and valves for pharma and biotech.

Throughout India, the US, Europe, and the Middle/Far East, they provide products and services for oil and gas installations, process plants, and power plants. In addition to design, engineering, supply, and installation services, they also provide customers with end-to-end solutions.

8 Best Paying Jobs In Fluid Control

1. Senior Engineer- Fluid Control Job

Senior Engineer’s responsibility to deliver competitive project-specific techno-commercial bids, align with vendors and hand over technically and commercially aligned final offers to stakeholders, including global Projects, Applications and Sales, Engineering, Fluid Control Companies of Excellence, Global Engineering, suppliers, operations, etc.

The duties and responsibilities of the senior engineer for fluid control

  • Approving the techno-commercial quotations and proposals of sealant systems as assigned
  • Training, mentoring and facilitating the work of less experienced engineers
  • Develop and support Global Project requirements and customer expectations for System Improvement Strategies or Strategic Initiatives
  • Prepare executive reports to communicate team performance and effectiveness
  • Create or update processes, procedures, documentation, and knowledge banks
  • for developing product literature and training materials
  • when the team leader is absent
  • Finding competitive technology commercial opportunities to enhance value to customers

2. Senior Mechanical Design Engineer- Quality- Fluid Control Job

Senior Mechanical Design Engineers design Contactors and Fuses that comply with customer specifications in collaboration with a local team and global engineering team. Documentation, product validation, and production launch items are part of the process. Create all related drawings, documentation, and release in internal systems.

Roles & Responsibilities of Senior Mechanical Design Engineers

  • Assist and guide junior design engineers to complete projects successfully.
  • Assist and guide junior design engineers to complete projects successfully.
  • Mentor and guide junior design engineers to complete projects successfully.
  • Lead the static and dynamic design of electromechanical components.
  • By using experimental methods, conducts design verification on the original and/or derivative design. Making design recommendations based on the testing by manipulating and synthesizing the data
  • Developing and testing new and modified designs. Collaboration with support personnel (technicians and drafting teams) in the preparation of detailed technology selection, conceptual design, detail design, and prototyping
  • coordinating failure analysis investigations and engineering evaluations
  • Understands the principles of mechanical engineering, materials, mechanics, fluid, thermodynamics, and heat transfer

3. Technical Product Manager- Fluid Control Job

Technical Product managers with technical backgrounds are typically more focused on the more technical aspects of the product. Unlike business, sales, and marketing teams, technical PMs are more closely involved with the engineering team.

Technical Product Manager Responsibilities

  • Translate customer needs into requirements by discovering and understanding them.
  • Ability to work well with internal teams, such as developers, engineers, architects, quality assurance, and operations. Understand requirements and ensure implementation plans are accurate.
  • Understand, research, and keep up with the industry and general trends.
  • Capable of assessing emerging products and companies and measuring their potential value or threat to the company and its products, as well as recommending which new technologies to invest in or leverage.
  • Regularly review competitors’ capabilities.
  • Teach internal and external users how to use the product.
  • Provide product assistance to incoming inquiries.
  • Manage technical risks.
  • Know and analyze algorithmic data pipelines and automated systems.
  • Provide technical/developer community with product evangelism and subject matter expertise.
  • Coordinate beta testing.
  • Analyze metrics and experiments by using database queries.
  • Test and accept the product according to success criteria.
  • Create and maintain appropriate product documentation.

4. Quality Inspector- Fluid Control Job

Inspections for quality control look for defects or deviations from the manufacturer or industry specifications. Food will not make you sick, your car will run smoothly, and your pants will not split on the first wear. Quality Inspector monitors the quality of nearly all manufactured products, such as foods, textiles, clothing, glassware, motor vehicles, electronic components, computers, and structural steel. These inspectors perform specific duties in a variety of industries.

Duties and responsibilities of a quality inspector

While the responsibilities of a Quality Control Inspector vary from one industry to another, there are a few common tasks regardless of the domain. Here are a few of them:

  • Measure the quality of all incoming raw materials and ready-to-ship products
  • Understand the product requirements by looking at the plans, specifications, and blueprints
  • Immediately report any incoming raw materials that do not meet quality expectations to the concerned department
  • to resolve quality issues within the deadline
  • Training the quality assurance team
  • Developing a design protocol that can be used across all domains
  • Preparing detailed reports and performance records to document the inspection process
  • To ensure quality control standards are met, recommend improvement measures to the production process
  • Provide guidance to the production team regarding quality control issues in order to improve the quality of the product
  • Monitor the level of customer satisfaction
  • during the production phase

5. Digital Marketing Executive / Account Manager- Fluid Control Job

Digital Marketing Executive / Account Manager are responsible for planning, developing, and managing a client’s digital strategy to improve their web presence and achieve their digital marketing goals. Additionally, they are responsible for building and managing relationships with existing and potential clients.

Roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing executive or account manager

  • Analyze the PPC accounts of clients to identify areas for scaling and improving performance.
  • Create and oversee the launch of a campaign checklist.
  • Establish a strategy, tone, content, and audience understanding for all PPC campaigns.
  • Identify trends and insights by collecting and testing data.
  • Optimization of digital audience targeting and segmentation by channel outlet, identification of key customer segments, and prospect modelling
  • Partner with design teams to develop and optimize campaign-specific creative and to upgrade key creative rules by platform.
  • Talk about campaign performance weekly and brainstorm ways to scale ad accounts.
  • Analyze and report on campaign performance and insights with a focus on KPI metrics

6. Senior Manager – Business Development- Fluid Control Job

Business development is integral to the role of the Senior Business Development Manager. During the Senior Business Development Manager role, Senior Manager will ensure close coordination and collaboration with the Practice VPs and Business Development Director.

 Responsibilities and Duties of a Manager in Business Development

  • In coordination with Practice VPs and the BD Director, manages and supports new business pipeline development;
  • Ensures that the pipeline tracker for the assigned practice is updated and maintained.
  • Provides management, quality assurance, and compliance with client requirements forbid/capture efforts across sectors in the region
  • Participates in proposal line roles, such as proposal manager, capture lead, and writer for all and any sections, personnel writer, institutional capability writer, annexe writer, etc.
  • Provides support to assigned practise management and project management teams.
    Is the regional and RMD BD liaison. Attends regional meetings, as well as country coordination meetings.
  • Works closely with technical teams throughout the capture and proposal process.
  • Manages data analysis, reporting, and knowledge management to inform business development strategy and operations
  • Performs long-term and short-term strategy research to inform the growth strategy of the assigned Practices or regions
  • Coordinates meetings and facilitates relationships with partners
  • Organizes new business files, resources, and tools
  • to help build the division’s capacity for business development
  • Maintain relationships with technical specialists, subject matter experts, and professional writers in order to contribute to technical solution designs, reviews, and analyses of proposals, and business development strategies within the firm
  • Develop AECOM’s network of potential workers while better understanding client staffing needs by working closely with the practice areas

7. Purchase Manager- Fluid Control Job

As a Purchasing Manager, you will source equipment, goods, and services and manage vendors. An effective candidate will be able to perform strategic procurement activities across multiple categories of spend, search for better deals and identify more profitable suppliers.

The responsibilities of the purchase manager

  • Developing, leading and executing purchasing strategies
  • while tracking and reporting key metrics to reduce operating expenses and improve the effectiveness
  • Negotiate optimal terms and close deals
  • Ensure clear documentation of requirements with stakeholders
  • Forecast price and market trends to identify changes in buyer-supplier balance
  • Analyze costs, scenario analysis, and benchmarking
  • Risk assessment, management, and mitigation
  • Establish a partnership with a reliable vendor and supplier
  • Schedule deliveries and determine the quantity
  • Monitoring and forecasting future demand levels

8. Reservoir Engineer- Fluid Control Job

Reservoir Engineer estimate the amount of oil or gas that can be recovered from underground reservoirs. They study reservoir characteristics and determine which methods will get the most oil or gas from them.

The Reservoir Engineer’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the production and reservoir engineering teams
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing well performance and reservoir management data to manage, interpret and integrate
  • Prepare and submit reports on investigations/findings in accordance with the scope
  • Check compliance with reports and approve
  • The database management using SharePoint and other document management applications

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