Best Paying Jobs In Containers/Packaging

What is a Container/packaging career?

Any career performs packaging-related duties such as packing, wrapping, shipping, designing, organizing, and displaying merchandise. There is much more to the packaging industry than just packing and shipping. In addition to the traditional packaging and shipping jobs, it is possible to design and create custom packaging as a creative outlet and outlet for creativity.

There is also a lot of room for advancement within the packaging industry. What may begin as an entry-level position sorting and packing products can quickly become a role that requires a higher salary. Working in packaging can be a rewarding experience, no matter what the role is.

9 Best Paying Jobs In Containers/packaging

1. Packaging operator – Containers/Packaging Job

The responsibility of a packaging operator is to care for the machines and materials that support the packaging process instead of the products themselves. For example, packaging operators inspect and maintain equipment that processes items, such as conveyor belts, barcode scanners, and forklifts.

If you have a mechanics and equipment maintenance background, this job is perfect for you.

Responsibilities Of Packaging operator

    • At various stages of the production line, operate a variety of different packaging machinery, performing tasks quickly and safely
    • To ensure that packaging meets requirements and no mistakes have been made, sort and weigh products after they have been packaged
    • Keep the final shipping area organized by applying labels and moving items to help the shipping crew in their job
    • Prepare for errors by observing the production line ahead of you and making adjustments as necessary to prevent delays.
    • Keep your machine in perfect working condition and ensure it’s safe to operate by performing simple hourly maintenance
    • At the beginning of your shift and the end, complete paperwork and other administrative tasks, carefully ensuring all information is entered correctly and clearly
    • Assure that no worker becomes tired or distracted during daily work by supporting other machine operators
    • Communicate critical information about malfunctions or errors to supervisory staff immediately

2. Warehouse manager – Containers/Packaging Job

Management of a warehouse involves ensuring that it runs efficiently daily. They receive and handle shipments, train and evaluate employees, order packaging materials and oversee workplace procedures. Warehouse managers primarily carry out communication between the corporation and its employees.

Responsibilities Of Warehouse Manager 

Defining the duties and responsibilities of the job is the essential section of the job description. Here you should outline the various activities that the employee will regularly perform, how the position is organized within the organization, and who is the manager of this position.

    • Keep track of inventory and manage it.
    • Oversee the daily operations of the warehouse and supervise employees.
    • Inspect and maintain warehouse machinery.
    • Tools and equipment should be inspected.
    • Ensure compliance with all company rules and regulations.
    • Focus on every task and pay attention to detail.
    • Ensure that products are delivered efficiently by communicating with drivers.
    • Resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently

3. Packaging engineer – Containers/Packaging Job

An engineer specializing in package engineering designs packing materials used to transport products. A career in the field requires developing boxes, cartons, containers, and other components that support the transportation of certain items. For example, food packaging design requires very different scientific knowledge than clothes packaging or hardware packaging.

Responsibilities of Packaging Engineer

    • Ensure packaging is compatible with the manufacturing process and the finished products. Develop various packaging concepts in coordination with the finishes and materials used.
    • During the development phase of all products, assist all internal teams and research all products.
    • Assist in launching new products and reducing production costs by analyzing and supporting all marketing activities.
    • Assess and prepare new technologies to increase efficiency and ensure a smooth transition from concept to reality.
    • Ensure that labels on all products are appropriate and develop and maintain an activity schedule for the project.
    • Ensure efficient supply plans are implemented for all product displays.

4. Product designer – Containers/Packaging Job

Including colours, graphics, and fonts, package designers create everything about their company’s packaging. Packaging designers also strategize ways to make their work stand out to customers, making them an essential part of a marketing team. Some items require more handling than others, and some materials must be used for packaging.

Responsibilities Of Product designer

    • From concept to implementation, take new ideas
    • Understanding engineering complexity and defining it with engineers and product managers
    • By launching MVPs and iterating on them, we ensure product excellence
    • Work with the product team as a thought partner to identify future opportunities
    • Regularly share your work with leadership and take part in design reviews
    • Quantitative and qualitative feedback should be used to ship, measure and improve designs.

5. Quality assurance manager – Containers/Packaging Job

When products leave for delivery, quality assurance managers ensure they are packaged according to the company’s specifications, ensuring customer satisfaction at the same time.

A quality assurance manager also enforces safety regulations and conducts inspections to guarantee the packaging work environment is functioning safely and efficiently. To reduce the risk of damage during shipment, it is essential to package products correctly.

Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Manager

There are many different responsibilities for Quality Assurance Managers depending on the industry you work in. These are some of the typical responsibilities:

    • Find out where growth can be achieved by thoroughly analyzing the data.
    • Enhance the production process by developing new strategies.
    • Maximizing profitability for the organization is the organization’s primary goal.
    • Individuals handling the product need to be trained.
    • Audit the product to ensure it has been tested and audited.
    • Inspect the existing policies and standards to meet all legal requirements.
    • Make sure the organization’s processes align with its current policies.
    • Report and document progress promptly.
    • To meet the quality standards, identify the training requirements.
    • Corrective measures should be developed and monitored.
    • Ensure quality assurance and internal audits are documented.
    • Ensure the quality of the products by conducting tests and monitoring them.
    • See what customers are complaining about.
    • Identify the areas for improvement by analyzing the data.

6. Product Tester – Containers/Packaging Job

Testing is done in the packaging industry to ensure that packaging materials are adequate. Some packages need to be prepared for special conditions, such as refrigeration. Adhesives are evaluated by observing how they hold up under different environmental conditions.

As well as testing out the packaging material for items, they test the climate and the materials that make that packaging to ensure that it is capable of being transported.

Responsibilities Of Product Tester

    • Analyze the results of testing.
    • Review product specifications and evaluate the product code.
    • Document phase-by-phase testing logs and defects.
    • Develop a bug reporting system for developers.
    • Troubleshooting assistance.
    • A post-release or post-implementation test should be performed.
    • Integrate quality assurance into the entire software development lifecycle by working with cross-functional teams.

7. Packer – Containers/Packaging Job

The label and prepare products for shipment and often weigh and measure shipping containers and packages before packaging and shipping. Packers are usually employed by warehouses and are tasked with packaging and shipping merchandise from vendors.

Packaging is a great entry-level position for anyone interested in joining the packaging industry. They may also conduct regular quality assurance checks on storage areas and packaging.

Responsibilities Of Packer

    • As production demands, work at different stations.
    • Product inspection, weighing, and packaging.
    • Ensure that the flow of product into the processing machinery is monitored.
    • Ensure that equipment is functioning effectively and that quality, safety, and production standards are observed.
    • Summarize data for each shift, including downtime, scrap production, and machine quality.
    • Make sure the workplace is clean and safe.

8. Stocker – Containers/Packaging Job

In stores, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings, and restaurants, stockers are responsible for ensuring that all storage areas are stocked with products. Besides setting up displays that advertise specific products, stockers may also assist with loading and unloading product vessels and keeping shipping records.

Responsibilities of Stocker 

    • Ensures a clean, organized, and member-friendly environment.
    • Deliveries and trucks are unloaded quickly.
    • Maintains the shelves and the backroom by sorting and stocking products.
    • Helps co-workers as needed in the store.
    • Counts accurately, scan inventory daily and makes accurate logs of daily moves.
    • Maintain a positive attitude when interacting with vendors and drivers.

9. Loader – Containers/Packaging Job

A loader’s job responsibility includes loading and unloading materials from and onto vessels, including trucks, containers, trains, planes, and cargo ships. In the process, they move materials to their designated locations without damaging products. The duties of a loader may also include using tools and machinery.

Responsibilities of Loader

    • Prepare pick sheets for outbound trucks/routes.
    • Check the quality of the product before loading it onto a truck.
    • Before loading on trucks, palletize orders as necessary.
    • Put trucks in docks so they can be loaded.
    • Get products from other warehouses that are needed that day.
    • Shorts not loaded for the route should be written on the short route sheet.
    • Deliveries from outside vendors are loaded into the load route.
    • For routes, there is a separate loading room/loading box.
    • Provide wholesalers with orders or walk-up customers with 2nd runs.
    • The slot label should be applied to the product and positioned in the appropriate slot.
    • Organize the coolers and check for debris, damaged, or low-quality items. Drop and level the cooler, stack it down and wipe it clean.
    • Ensure that the coolers are rotated daily with all products.
    • Responsible for bringing down product promptly and putting product in the rack.
    • Empty pallets and debris should never be left in coolers.
    • Ensure that product is always available on the floors.

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