Air Force service member arrested in connection to base attack that injured 4 Americans in Syria

An American airman has been detained as part of an inquiry into an April assault on a small US facility in eastern Syria that injured four troops.

“As part of a continuing investigation, an airman was arrested in the United States on June 16 in connection with the strike in Green Village, Syria,” Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek told NBC News.

According to the statement, “after examining the facts in the investigation, the Aeronautical Commander took the decision to detain him in preventive arrest.”

The arrest was initially reported by CNN on Tuesday.

According to Stefanek, it is “too early in the process for a charge sheet,” and the airman’s identity would not be disclosed until “charges are desired.”

Earlier this month, the Army said that a US military member was being investigated as a potential suspect in a joint investigation by the Army Criminal Investigation Division and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

According to early reports, the Syrian base was struck by rocket fire, hurting four military men who were treated for minor injuries and possibly traumatic brain damage.

The military said at the time that it was wary of Iran or Iranian-backed militia groups.

However, the army subsequently said that the assault was not the result of indirect fire. Officials suspected that explosives had been put within the facility prior to the assault.

Doha Madani is an NBC News senior breaking news correspondent. She/her are the pronouns.

Courtney Kube is an NBC News Investigative Unit journalist who focuses on homeland security and the military.

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